Central Valley Chrysler - Diagonosed my car wrong, and I was charged for both repairs.

Fair Oaks, California 1 comment

I took my PT Cruiser in for a noise in the engine when it was cold.Car was there for 9 days and lifters were replaced.

Got it back and same noise. Took it back, was in the shop for 16 days, they put a short block in. Fixed the problem, but I was charged for both repairs. I think it was a bad call on the first repair!

My car is under warrenty. Central Valley Chrysler said it was the warrentys call, the warrenty company said it was Central Valleys Call. ??

My car is a 2006 with only 53,000 or so.

Why these major repairs at this low milage??It has been serviced through Central Valley Chrysler since I bought it.

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When people realize that Chrysler-Dodge products are junk, you'll all wise up. AND 87% of dealership profits are through the service centers, not the showroom...you do the math.

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